Graduate School Financial Aid

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Don't let cost stop you from pursuing graduate school. Learn how to use financial aid to assist you during your graduate studies. The Diversity Abroad Grad School Financial Aid section will offer you various resources to help you in your search for funding grad school. Whether you choose to obtain a graduate assistantship, scholarship, fellowship, or even take out a loan, it’s best to consider all options available before making a definitive decision. Finally, consider your options abroad. In many cases, depending on the country, it is more affordable to complete an international graduate degree.

Paying For Grad School

Find the way to pay for grad school that works best for you.

Scholarships & Grants

There are many institutions and organizations that provide scholarships and grants for Graduate school.


Find fellowships for individuals seeking funding for graduate studies or research opportunities abroad.

Grad School Loans

Education is an investment. Gaining a higher degree can lead to better job security and higher pay.


Utilize all avenues, including personal fundraising, in order to fund your educational experience.


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