The CAPA Shanghai Global Cities Program

The CAPA Shanghai Program introduces students to innovation in economic development, tech, and trade in an energetic port city.

offered by CAPA

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Centrally located in the heart of Shanghai, CAPA’s Program places students in the world’s newest powerhouse. Students study at East China Normal University (ECNU) a world-renowned research university known for its beautiful campus scenes with gardens, canals, bridges, and open space. In your free time explore all the diverse things Shanghai has to offer such as famously adventurous street food, state of the art transportation, bartering at markets, etc. In Shanghai the world is at your fingertips as a business, tech, and international trade hub. As seen from the global impact of Shanghai’s economy, diversity is everywhere in the bustling city described as “The Venice of China.”


  • Chinese Language
  • Mandarin


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