Program Locations


Program Locations


China Study Abroad is dedicated to assisting students who wish to study Chinese in China. We help with the application process right through to the end of your program. 24/7 on the ground support will allow you to focus on experiencing and enjoying all that China has to offer while we look after everything else.


Among the top reasons for deciding to work or study abroad is the opportunity to develop relationships with new and interesting people. You're guaranteed to meet plenty of locals during your time in China, but with CSA you will also meet fellow travelers from around the world and from every background. CSA prides itself on attracting a diverse student body - whether you're an American undergrad on a semester abroad, a South African gap year student taking a break before uni, a Venezuelan engineer seeking to enhance your CV, or an Israeli club promoter who wants to try something new, CSA will help you make the most of your time as you learn Chinese in China. Many CSA alumni cite lasting friendships with their fellow students as one of the primary rewards of choosing our company. Our commitment to diversity ensures you have a rich experience that will expose you to many different cultures and fresh ideas.


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