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The Intern Group provides award-winning international internship programs in London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Australia, and Latin America.Qualified individuals gain valuable professional experience at leading companies and organizations in their chosen industry sectors, while exploring an exciting destination and developing extensive international networks.We have full-time local teams in each of our program destinations, who are equipped and ready to set you up with the experience of your dreams.Our programs include much more than a professional internship in your desired destination and industry sector. You are provided with quality housing, professional career training, extensive social & cultural events, and full-time local support. All aspects of the program are designed to enhance your professional and personal development, and to allow you to experience a new culture, people, and place.Our programs are regularly featured in the world’s top news media, including Time, Forbes, and CNN.


We envision a future where we can empower and educate individuals regardless of socioeconomic status, to intern and travel anywhere in the world cost-effectively, and leverage the latest technology to share their experiences with others around the world. We aim to develop an innovative and culturally sensitive new generation ready to tackle the global issues that affect the world today and tomorrow.


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