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IES Abroad Rome Summer - Internship

Rome is booming with tourism, service, high-tech, banking, and research companies, not to mention it’s the hub for the Italian film industry. Our program guarantees an internship placement to help you develop professional skills that will jump-start your résumé and make you more attractive to employers in today’s competitive job market. IES Internships' unpaid, academic internships have placed Rome interns at a variety of companies while also showing them the sights and sounds of Italy. Before you depart, we work with you to fine-tune your résumé, perfect your cover letter, hone your networking and interview skills, as well as prepare you for working in a new cultural environment. You'll be guaranteed a placement at a local business or organization, where you'll work for at least 25 hours a week. You will enroll in a required 1- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other interns, where you’ll learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities. An optional 3-credit Italian language course is also offered, the placement for which is determined by an online predeparture language test. With IES Internships' dedicated staff and international connections, you can be sure that you’ll find an internship that meets your goals. You’ll learn, and learn to stand out. Spend your free time getting to know Rome through our cultural events and optional field trips to Assisi & Perugia, the Amalfi Coast, and Tuscany. Placements are available to students of all language levels, though students with more advanced Italian usually have a wider array of internship options available. AVAILABLE FIELDS: Art, Arts History & Humanities Business, Marketing & Accounting Environment & Community Service Entrepreneurship Finance Immigration & Social Inclusion International Development International Relations & Political Science IT Logistics Media & Journalism Social Action

AIFS Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Earn credits through a wide variety of courses when you study in beautiful, historic Florence at Richmond University. You’ll have the option to live in a homestay or in a student apartment as you experience many social and cultural activities, such as trips to local art galleries, an Italian cooking class, and visits to the local museums. Enjoy trips to Rome, Siena and Venice, immersing yourself in the Italian culture. Volunteer and internship opportunities are also available. AIFS in Florence includes a one-week orientation before the semester begins so students can acclimate themselves to Italian language and culture. Fall semester students attend orientation in the beach-side town of Pietrasanta, while spring semester students attend orientation in Rome. A for-credit International Internship Program (IIP) is also available, in which students take a 2-week Intensive Language Preparation course worth 2 credits. In the spring semester, a Fashion Management and Marketing Program is also offered. Volunteer opportunities are available and interested students can enhance their volunteer work with a for-credit Service Learning and Active Citizenship course. In the summer, academic and internship programs are offered, including a 3-week Wine Marketing Program (1 week in Barolo and 2 weeks in Florence). Please refer to our website for term-specific program details- academic and internship programs are available for summer, semester, and academic-year terms!

The CAPA Florence Global Cities Program

Located in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Florence, the CAPA Florence Program hosts students to attend classes and soak up history and culture in the center of the city’s traditional art quarter. As a completely walk able city, students experience the rich history of the renaissance city around every corner. In Florence, learning does not stop at the classroom door. Students have endless world-renowned museums to visit as well as access to the library at the British Institute, which is home to more than 50,000 English books. Through exploring Florence, the home to the Renaissance, students encounter diversity in neighborhoods with distinctive shops, art, restaurants, and lifestyle.


Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean

Key Topics of StudyPolitical transformation, transitional justice, and democratization in TunisiaInternational relations and religious integration in the context of Mediterranean mass migrationThe interplay between secular politics and political Islam, religion and public life, religious practice and political affiliationThe role of art in articulating the vision of a more sustainable futureThe role of the state and civil society in a divided societyThe ethics of care and hospitality in the context of populism and assimilationist ideologies

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IES Abroad Rome - Full-Time Semester Internship

Spend a semester getting the professional experience you need in today’s global marketplace with a guaranteed IES internship in Rome. While in Rome, you will participate in an unpaid, for-credit internship placement for at least 25 hours per week at a local business or organization, where you’ll have the opportunity to build and develop your professional skills that will help you communicate across cultures. We will work with you to help find the closest match between your expressed preferences and professional goals with what’s available via IES Internships in Rome. Before you leave for your internship in Rome, we will prepare you for working in a new cultural environment, including helping you fine-tune your résumé, perfect your cover letter, and work on your communication and interview skills. When you’re not interning abroad, spend your time in Rome seeing world-renowned artwork, visiting historical architectural sites, and tasting Pizza Blanca, Pasta Carbonara, and Fritti—should we go on? You’ll experience all of this and more when you live and intern with IES Internships in Rome!

Rome, Italy

AIFS Study Abroad in Rome, Italy: Semester Internship

Earn 12 to 16 credits through a wide variety of courses when you study and intern in the “Eternal City” of Rome. You’ll receive international work experience, helping you test a potential career path while exploring interests and abilities in new ways. Live in an Italian home or in a student apartment as you experience numerous social and cultural activities, such as excursions to Viterbo and the Hot Baths, rugby and soccer matches, and visits to the Vatican museums and the Colosseum. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Global Business Institute

The CAPA Global Business Institute offers a highly focused, intensive business curriculum alongside internship placements in the business industry as a Certificate Program. Upon completion of the classes and practical experience, students will receive a Certificate demonstrating their proficiency in a specialized subject. Partnering with University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration, students can personalize the courses to best fit their personal and professional goals.

IES Abroad Milan - Full Time Semester Internship

Imagine having an internship in Milan, Italy—home to the Borsa Italiana (stock exchange) and Milan Fashion Week, and the design and business capital of Italy. Here you can spend the at least 25 hours per week during the semester honing your craft at an atelier or in public relations for an international fashion house, not to mention internship opportunities in ecommerce, luxury companies, and music.With five major train stations and high-speed links to other Italian cities, you feel like you’re at the center of it all. Utilize the Milan Metro, the city tram, or Il Passante, the underground railway for your daily commute.

AIFS Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Depending on the term you select, choose from a wide variety of courses and subjects to earn semester credits living and studying in Rome, Italy. Studio art classes in drawing, painting, and photography are also available. All courses are taught in English, with the exception of Italian language (no previous Italian language study required). Live in a student apartment or Italian homestay. Numerous social and cultural activities are included in each academic term. Trips and excursions may include sightseeing tours of Rome, visits to Viterbo and the Hot Baths, rugby and soccer matches, visits to the Vatican museums and a trips to Assisi, Sorento, Naples, Pompeii, Capri and Florence, with a range of optional excursions as well. Students choose from courses in art history, communications, fashion, film, history, business, Italian, journalism, photography, social sciences and more. Academic year, fall and spring semester students earn 2 credits taking a 2-week Language Preparation and Culture Program in advance of their studies. An International Internship program is offered for summer, semester, and academic year students. and volunteer opportunities are available and interested students can enhance their volunteer work with a for-credit Service Learning and Active Citizenship course. Students who study music have the opportunity to do extra coursework through Saint Louis College of Music in Rome through the Music Program. The Traditional Academic Program is available for all terms, including winter (January term). Please visit the AIFS website for term-specific details.


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