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IES Abroad London - Study London - Semester/Year

The goal of our 40+-year-old program is to help you explore contemporary London, both physically and culturally. Gain a deeper knowledge of British culture, including the central importance of history to the British. Explore the global impact of Britain on Western culture, including art, literature, and financial and political systems. Choose from more than 40 IES Abroad-taught courses taught by expert local faculty at our Center, as well as a course at one of our prestigious local partner universities—City University, Queen Mary, or the School of Oriental & African Studies. Not only are there hundreds of courses and disciplines available through our partner universities, but you also have the opportunity to make local British and international friends. Additional unique offerings include our Global Leadership Certificate for students interested in leadership studies (see page 14) and our creative workshop courses that focus on the production of a piece of creative work (writing, film, or fine art). While adding study abroad to your résumé is impressive enough, adding an international internship is even more powerful, and can help distinguish your application for graduate school or a job opportunity in today’s competitive market. Before you depart, we talk to you about the type of placement you’d like and then work to match you with a placement in London. Service learning placements are also available if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s culture and society.

AIFS Study Abroad in London, England

AIFS in London offers several study abroad options options including dynamic internship opportunities. Students can choose from myriad courses in business, finance, economics, public relations, psychology, sociology, journalism, communications, art, history and more. Volunteer opportunities and an International Internship Program are also available. London is diverse, modern and thriving city, and with AIFS, central London is just outside your door. Situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Palace count among the notable neighbors. A major political, financial and cultural center, London is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Home to a multitude of museums and galleries, concert halls, theaters, historic buildings and a host of beautiful urban parks, London has something for everyone. Please visit the AIFS website for term- and program-specific details.

The CAPA London Global Cities Program

Located in the posh Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, CAPA’s London Program sits in Victorian townhouses minutes away from famous landmarks. Travel everywhere by the Underground “Tube” or take a stroll down any street to find something amazing. Take in the free museums, embrace the “foodie” culture, or enjoy the sights, London has something for everyone. Not to mention the more than 300 different languages spoken in this hugely diverse city.

London Center

London's cultural, social, and ethnic diversity is unlike anywhere else on Earth, and whether you're a budding designer, architect, actor, or simply a student of the world, the experienced staff and faculty of Faraday House are ready to help you get the most out of your semester in London. By the time you return to the U.S., you will not only have augmented your understanding of other nations, cultures, and historical and artistic traditions, but you will also have seen America from the outside, though others' eyes. The SU London center is in Bloomsbury, the heart of academic London. The SU London program features specialized programs in architecture, design, drama, and music industry. Course clusters are also offered in international business/management and sports management.Internships are also available in a variety of fields for 3 credits. Students must be enrolled in the semester program in order to take part in an internship.

Documenting Life Abroad in London

In this semester program you will study and practice photojournalism and documentary filmmaking/storytelling using the diverse people and places of London as your subjects. You will learn photography and filmmaking technique, aesthetics principles and applications, and visual storytelling from an award winning master professor, photographer and filmmaker in the field. The stories you create will focus on experiences during your time in London, those of distinguished US expats living in London, and those of guest presenters including distinguished British photographers and filmmakers.You will learn about British film history and attend the prestigious BFI (British Film Institute) London Film Festival, where more than 300 films, documentaries, and shorts are screened from around the world. You do not need to be an expert in filming or in a film-centered disciplines. Instead you should want to learn more about documentaries and documentary “literacy” that you encounter in daily life.

IES Abroad London - Theater Studies - Semester/Year

Engage in Britain’s rich historical and contemporary theatrical tradition through theater and drama courses. In your core curriculum, you analyze the artistic, financial, and professional structures that influence theater in Britain, with an emphasis on London. You also examine key texts and performances within the relevant historical and cultural context and delve into theater criticism, reception theory, dramaturgy, and stage design. London will be your classroom. Imagine all the shows you’ll see—at least nine with IES Abroad alone—as you witness performances at small fringe theater venues and companies, as well as larger performances to learn first-hand about the London theater industry. Expand your artistry by taking a creative workshop in playwriting. Intern as a theater assistant at a local venue to get an inside look at the London theater scene. London and all it has to offer will be part of your learning experience. We want you to feel at home in London, so we do everything we can to help you integrate into life in London, from internships to cultural activities. The Theater Studies Program integrates field study into most courses, focusing on the many opportunities for learning that London presents, such as routine theater visits and a backstage tour of the National Theatre.

AIFS Travel Program: Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

Spend 7 nights in London, 5 nights in Paris, 4 nights in Milan, 3 of the leading fashion capitals of the world, as well as 5 nights in Florence. You’ll earn 3 credits as you learn how to market fashion in the 21st century. The itinerary is carefully planned to maximize time in each location, ensuring you strike the right balance between classroom learning, field trips, sightseeing activities and free time. You will stay in student residences and hotels as you travel throughout Europe on this exciting program.

Global Creative Arts and Industries Institute London

In 2014 the UK government reported that the fastest growing sector in the economy was that of the creative arts. This unique program gives students the opportunity to learn about a huge industry, to explore their own abilities for creation, and to participate in a community of creativity within one of the world’s most innovative cities. London is a stimulus for international artistic culture and an environment rich in opportunities for all students looking to challenge themselves or participate in the drama of creativity. London has something for everyone, including the more than 300 different languages spoken in this hugely diverse city. Under the direction of the institute director students will be required to select a minimum of 15-credits from the courses provided, attend all designated field events, and participate in the Cheltenham Literary Festival in the first weekend of October. Students will spend the weekend in Cheltenham, attend key events and meet with writers and organizers to gain insight into the creative process and the economics, management and promotion of a major international event. Students will gain an understanding of the influential role the creative arts industry has on national and global economics. Through studying and practical experience in the creative arts, students will enhance their communication skills as well as develop awareness for the range of employment throughout the industry.

London Summer Session

London’s cultural, social, and ethnic diversity is unlike anywhere else on earth. Spend 4 weeks of the summer exploring this international city, taking classes at the Syracuse University Center in Bloomsbury, the heart of academic London.Create your own program by choosing from an array of courses, including English and Textual Studies, Sociology, and Psychology. Visit London's museums, and attend the theater and concerts and enjoy the life of a Londoner for the summer. As part of your program experience, you’ll go on a weekend-long trip to another part of the UK, led by the Syracuse London staff.Students are housed in shared rooms in furnished flats arranged by Syracuse University for the duration of the program. Internet is available.


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