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Venice Environmental Studies Program (Summer)

The City of Venice, Italy is home to innumerable and priceless artifacts and treasures of western heritage and also a frequently cited example in heated debates about the impact of climate change. This makes Venice a unique, exciting, and dynamic location to explore a variety of critical issues related to climate change. Through two complementary courses this program introduces the main processes driving change in the Venice lagoon and examines the challenges faced by the international community in developing and implementing policies to address its potential impacts. The dual focus of the program will examine both the scientific underpinnings of climate change and sea level rise, and their effects on the economy and society. What types of policies are likely to be effective in addressing the impact of climate change, both on humans and on the environment? The curriculum will use the history of the Venice lagoon, as well as its more recent modifications, to illustrate the issues connected with human-driven changes in coastal bays and estuaries, sea level rise, and natural environmental dynamics. No background in Italian language is required and all courses are taught in English.

IES Abroad Rome - Language & Area Studies - Semester/Year

It is impossible to avoid the past in Rome. It eagerly waits for you around every corner, hoping to intrigue you with a worn-down step, surprise you with an unexpected fountain, or inspire you with soaring architecture. Come study Rome’s unmatched historical and artistic past while simultaneously learning about its modern role in international politics and business. No matter what your current level of Italian language proficiency is, this program is for you. Students enroll in an Italian language course as well as four additional courses, taught in both English and Italian. If you have four or more semesters of Italian language, you can enroll in our Advanced Italian Studies Program, which is designed to be a full immersion experience including Italian-taught courses, an Italian-only language pledge, and more. Rome will be your classroom. Can you imagine places like the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Forum, or the Colosseum being part of your education? Our courses are experiential in nature, and we organize more than 150 course-related excursions each semester to historical, artistic, and cultural sites that take advantage of the city’s many opportunities. You can also enroll in courses at a local university, where you will experience first-hand the Italian educational system. Maybe you’ll even make some Italian friends while you’re at it. If you want to become familiar with the local practices, work culture, and build professional relationships with Italians, enroll in an internship or social action placement. These are unique opportunities for you to build an international résumé as you practice the language and develop your professional and personal skills.

AIFS Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Earn credits through a wide variety of courses when you study in beautiful, historic Florence at Richmond University. You’ll have the option to live in a homestay or in a student apartment as you experience many social and cultural activities, such as trips to local art galleries, an Italian cooking class, and visits to the local museums. Enjoy trips to Rome, Siena and Venice, immersing yourself in the Italian culture. Volunteer and internship opportunities are also available. AIFS in Florence includes a one-week orientation before the semester begins so students can acclimate themselves to Italian language and culture. Fall semester students attend orientation in the beach-side town of Pietrasanta, while spring semester students attend orientation in Rome. A for-credit International Internship Program (IIP) is also available, in which students take a 2-week Intensive Language Preparation course worth 2 credits. In the spring semester, a Fashion Management and Marketing Program is also offered. Volunteer opportunities are available and interested students can enhance their volunteer work with a for-credit Service Learning and Active Citizenship course. In the summer, academic and internship programs are offered, including a 3-week Wine Marketing Program (1 week in Barolo and 2 weeks in Florence). Please refer to our website for term-specific program details- academic and internship programs are available for summer, semester, and academic-year terms!

The CAPA Florence Global Cities Program

Located in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Florence, the CAPA Florence Program hosts students to attend classes and soak up history and culture in the center of the city’s traditional art quarter. As a completely walk able city, students experience the rich history of the renaissance city around every corner. In Florence, learning does not stop at the classroom door. Students have endless world-renowned museums to visit as well as access to the library at the British Institute, which is home to more than 50,000 English books. Through exploring Florence, the home to the Renaissance, students encounter diversity in neighborhoods with distinctive shops, art, restaurants, and lifestyle.


Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean

Key Topics of StudyPolitical transformation, transitional justice, and democratization in TunisiaInternational relations and religious integration in the context of Mediterranean mass migrationThe interplay between secular politics and political Islam, religion and public life, religious practice and political affiliationThe role of art in articulating the vision of a more sustainable futureThe role of the state and civil society in a divided societyThe ethics of care and hospitality in the context of populism and assimilationist ideologies

Florence Summer Session

Rediscover the Renaissance and the rebirth of antiquity in the living museum that is Florence, Italy. The city is your classroom as top researchers and scholars help you uncover the connections among the past and present, politics, and creative genius. The Florence staff and faculty have rich international expertise and research interests. They’ll provide academic and cultural guidance and facilitate your immersion and integration into the community.The Florence Summer Session allows you to customize your program according to your interests and desire for exploration. To enhance your learning experience, most courses feature field trips and excursions within Florence and to locations outside the city. Internships are also available.

Architecture in Vicenza

Gain a valuable perspective on Italy’s contribution to architectural, urban, and landscape design through the ages. The program begins in Rome with a two-week study tour that includes Siena, Florence and Bologna before taking up residence for eight weeks in Vicenza, where the focus will be on the design studio. Traveling and then living in an Italian town will give you a rich cultural experience, enhanced by coursework that will contribute to your academic progress toward your degree.Classes for the first two weeks will be fieldwork intensive and focus on the subject area courses. Classes at the Vicenza site will focus on studio and integrate the content of subject area courses with the studio project. Excursions are an integral and required component of the academic experience of the Vicenza program.

Temple University Rome

Temple University Rome, established in 1966, provides students from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to study in Rome for an academic year, semester or summer. Over its 50-year history, Temple Rome has maintained a strong academic and cultural program that takes advantage of the splendid resources Rome and Italy have to offer, both historical and contemporary. Courses taught at Temple Rome are specifically designed to enhance your understanding of your new surroundings. Many allow you to bring context and life to your studies through frequent on-site instruction within Rome and excursions to other cities, and by incorporating guest speakers and critics into the curriculum. Internships are also available. The program is open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities. We partner with universities and colleges across the U.S. to include students from small liberal arts colleges to traditional state universities and technical colleges- all are welcome to Temple's campus in Rome!

Venice Studio Arts Program (Summer)

The Venice Studio Arts Program now offers students an unparalleled opportunity to refine their skills and find inspiration in a city whose name is synonymous with visual art during the summer term. The program is based at Boston University’s new center near Campo Santa Margherita, which includes studio space, classrooms, and administrative offices. Students also profit from art history lectures that are held on site in Venice’s grand piazze, churches, and museums. During the six-week program, students in Venice will take two courses of their choice in painting, drawing, or Italian art history. No background in Italian language is required and all courses are taught in English.


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